John Spence

  • M.A.Ed- The College of William and Mary; B.A. Catawba College
  • Virginia Certified Wildlife Removal Specialist by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources/Virginia Department of Fish and Inland Fisheries

John Spence is a life-long resident of Williamsburg and has spent his life working with local reptiles and animals. His knowledge of local snakes and their capture has allowed him to help hundreds of residents over the past 25 years and has assisted local law enforcement and animal control on snake issues. He has had extensive training and experience not only with our local harmless species but with a large variety of venomous snakes.

Aside from local law enforcement assistance, John has also assisted Virginia Beach in the removal of illegally-owned venomous reptiles and participated in a biological survey of the canebrake rattlesnake- a state endangered animal.

John has also been a Science teacher in WJCC Schools since 1996 and has used his knowledge of local animals to help teach the next generation of residents about our snake species. He was featured on the WJCC Channel for two episodes on information on our county’s snakes as well as safe methods of removal.


We can not only remove snakes from inside your home and yard but also provide helpful advice on exclusion methods to minimize the chances of other encounters with your family and pets.

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